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DOB 6/21
If you want an adorable, healthy, active, charming, and loving
puppy to add to your family, then contact Belle's Yorkie Babies.
Once you decide on your new family member, the pictures and
videos Lisa shares are invaluable. The smiles and joy of watching
the litter play together will make your day and provide lifetime
memories. They also like when you share photos of your little
one growing. We have four Yorkie babies from the Andersons
in our family and could not be happier. We have found Craig,
Lisa, and the family to be ethical, loving, and engaged in each
little puppy and its new family. They stay in touch through the
adoption process, and I have never experienced a breeder that
provides all you need to take your baby home. In addition, we
have enjoyed the delivery service they so kindly offer. So, if you are ready to wake up every day and receive all the puppy love you can take, then Lisa and Craig (Belle's Yorkie Babies) should be your destination.
Cindy M.
St. Augustine, FL
Maddie is getting a little sister!
Izzy will be joining the family in March.
Bonnie, born 12/3/20
In early 2021, we decided it was time to add a new pup to our
family. We had a 3 year old yorkie that needed a companion.
Due to the pandemic, demand for yorkie pups were high and
supply low. Imagine our surprise when we ran across Zoey
(formerly Bonnie) on Belles Yorkie Babies. Though there was
slight hesitation, we contacted Lisa and within a few weeks
we brought our new baby home. The process was seamless
and your pick up includes all start essentials. This family truly
nurtures their liter.  Zoey has been an absolute joy!!! 
Tiffany Thomas


Baxter, Born 1/18/17
Baxter joined our family in March  2017. He was a surprise

gift from my husband. The Andersons had everything ready

for him to join our family. Crate, treats, etc, and even his

blanket he had been sleeping with.  He is our first Yorkie and

has been a wonderful addition for us.  He is 3 1/2lbs of snuggly,

playful attitude.  He is smart beyond words. He graduated

Obedience Class and danced for extra credit.  He is the perfect

travel companion and loves just hanging out in my purse. 

Baxter has more personality than we could have ever imagined

and we look forward to experiencing many more years with him.
Karen Martin                             


Izzy, born 9/5/18  Izzy joined out family in November 2018. 

She is our second Yorkie from the Anderson family.  They prepared

us with everything we needed for our new addition. Izzy is the

diva of our family.  She gives hugs and kisses freely and loves to

snuggle.  Her sweet face makes her irresistible.  She turns on the

extra charm when she meets new people.  She is energetic and

playful. She loves her brother, Baxter, but is definitely the baby

girl in charge.  

Karen Martin


Ryan, born 1/18/17

On March 2017 we adopted our baby Yorkshire girl “Ryan”

from the Anderson family.  The baby girl we got was the only

female from a litter of three Yorkshires.  All three babies

looked very active/healthy as the Anderson Family definitely

were taken good care of babies and the parents. The

Anderson family kept “Ryan” for around 12 weeks to ensure

she was ready to move to her new home.  We have had our

baby girl “Ryan” for almost a year now as she is doing extremely

well.  We have taken her to the vet for her required check-ups

and the feedback from the vet is that she is healthy dog. “Ryan”

is very affectionate and active girl.  My family couldn’t be happier

to have adopted “Ryan” from the Anderson Family. If in the future I have the opportunity

to adopt another Yorkshire, will definitely won’t hesitate in getting a Yorkshire from the

Anderson family. 

Thanks Anderson Family, 

Jonathan, Nydia and Aidyn Despiau    

Gus, born 9/5/18

In November we picked up our little Yorkshire baby from Lisa Anderson in Marietta, Georgia.  He is my third Yorkie since 1987.  From the moment I decided Gus was mine, Lisa sent regular pictures and videos, making the wait to get my snuggles from him more tolerable. The moment I walked in to the Anderson’s home, I knew these babies were cared for with much love and attention. Lisa had everything ready including a crate, blanket, shampoo, food, and toys. I felt like I truly was at a home that loved their little fur babies and cared about the placement of each one.  Gus is a beautiful, healthy, sweet, and lovable little guy. He has an amazing disposition.  He is very smart and I have him

enrolled in obedience school this summer.  He has

traveled since the day I picked him up and he will

take his first plane trip in May. He is an amazing little

companion. He is the offspring of Marci and Manny.

In the future I hope to purchase another Yorkshire from

the Anderson family and highly recommend them if you

are looking for a little Yorkie treasure to love. 

Thank you Lisa for your amazing home and love for your

Yorkshire Terriers!

Regina and Tim McDonald

Covington, Louisiana

Athena born 9/10/18

Sammy born 12/3/20

We adopted Athena in November 2018 from The Anderson's. They welcomed us into their home several times to visit with Athena prior to her coming home with us. Lisa was always sending us pictures/videos of Athena to keep us updated on her progress. (We still text often) The day we picked Athena up, she came with all her

basic necessities. (crate, blanket, dog bowls, food, toy,

harness, etc.) She is our first Yorkie. She is a wonderful little

dog, very smart, has a ton of energy and will fetch for hours.

She loves going to doggie daycare and playing with her friends.

She is now 8 months old and a recent graduate of the Star

Puppy Program. When we are out in public with Athena

everyone stops us and wants to know where we got her.

I highly recommend the Anderson's and have referred several

people to them. Thank you for such a wonderful puppy, 

Robbie & Stephanie Townsend

Cartersville GA

Zoey is the newest member of the Martin family 
Ryan age 1.JPG
Athena & Sammy
Both from Belle's Yorkie Babies 

Sierra born 04/01/19

I have known the Anderson family for many years and knew they only had the best and smallest little yorkie puppies. So when I was finally ready to get my first dog on my own I didn’t look any farther. Given name Sierra, a Marci/Manny baby, she took easily to her new name Hanako. She is well adjusted and sweet as can be, little puppy that just loves to snuggle! Even after taking her home, from the puppy pack (food, carrier, toys etc.) to any questions I had the Anderson’s were always there.

She has become my emotional support animal and

greatest friend. She is high energy, highly focused and

highly cute. I adore her.  She was one of the smallest in

the litter, now she is 2 years old and around 4 pounds

of pure love and adventure. She loves to climb into my

purse and see the world with me. I recommend everyone

seeking a Yorkie puppy to stop their searching because

they have found the best place to get one! 

Katherine Maloy

RenderedImage (1).jpg

Yogi Bear, born 10/10/18
BooBoo Bear, born 10/23/19
My husband and I first brought Yogi Bear into our family
and he is so sweet and loving.  He will be 3 in September. 
It wasn't long before we felt we needed another baby. 
So we decided to add BooBoo Bear to our family.  She has
been the sweetest and very loving little girl.  They are both
great little companions and we highly recommend
Lisa Anderson and her babies. 
Cheryl Cohen

RenderedImage (2).jpg

Buddy & Cooper, born 10/23/19

A year and a half ago I wanted to get another Yorkie.

From past experience I knew that I wanted to get one

that was family-home raised and not from a puppy mill.

It is so difficult to weed through all of the scammers

and unethical breeders so I was extremely cautious in

my search. I feel so blessed to happen onto Lisa at

Belle’s Yorkie Babies. She is the best bleeder that I have

found in the past several decades. Her puppies are raised

in her home with her human and canine family. Her puppies

are healthy, loved and socialized. She also makes sure that

not only do you feel comfortable with her puppies but she

wants to feel comfortable with the new prospective owner

as well. She also supplies you with a wonderful take home

package including a bed, carry kennel, blanket, harness,

collar and even make an ID tag for each one.

We were so thrilled and impressed with her and her puppies

that on our way home we decided to not only get the little

boy we picked out but to also get one of his brothers, too.

I know how hard it is to find an ethical breeder and we could not pass up this opportunity. Our Cooper and Buddy are healthy, happy and loved little boys. We feel so blessed to have found Belle’s Yorkie Babies and we would recommend them to anybody.


Belle’s Yorkie Babies are Top Notch Breeders.

Our Tinkerbelle was born on 1 April 2019. She was just

a tiny little 2.5lb girl when we brought her home.  

Lisa & Craig were so enjoyable to work with, they allowed

us to come and see the parents before we made our

decision.  Once we saw Tink, she picked us and it was

meant to be “Furever”, she was our little girl from that

moment on.  We just had to wait until she was old enough

to leave her mom.  In the meantime while we waited, we

were allowed to make pop in visits to see her and how she

was growing, which was amazing.  We can’t thank Lisa & Craig

enough for that.  We were told that her weight would most likely chart out around 4.5-5 lbs and it has, she is 5 lbs of pure joy.  She has turned into a beautiful Silver and Gold that enjoys going for walks, hikes, riding the 4-Wheeler with dad and playing with her 2 sisters; oh and barking at the UPS guy.  If you are looking for a quality, healthy & loveable Yorkie, Belle’s is the place to go. 

They are definitely a top notch breeder that loves all of their dogs and looks to find them loveable Furever Families.

Robert & Lisa Anderson

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