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©Copyright Belles Yorkie Babies
©Copyright Belles Yorkie Babies
Manny  5 lbs.

Manny has the sweetest expressive eyes.  He is smart and obedient.  He loves to

give kisses and is definitely

a Momma's boy.  He is shy

but incredibly loyal.  It takes him a while to warm up to people but once he does you will find him searching you

out for attention.

Manny stole my heart and is my little buddy.

Leonidas (LEO)


Leo is Belle and Manny's

last boy.  He has the best qualities of both his parents.  He is a Daddy's boy and follows him everywhere. 

He is a good little buddy. 

We can't wait until he is old enough to breed and carry on Belle's line.  We love him!

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